Saturday, September 22, 2012

Icey-Tek Coolers

The legendary Icey-Tek cooler, built to last a lifetime and save you a ton of money on ice. The original maker of the Yeti cooler brand. Icey-Tek coolers are made from premium components and the best materials to create the ultimate commercial quality cooler that you to use and abuse with confidence. 
Components consist of a 100% grade-A polyethylene external skin with a non staining, non odor absorbing, impact resistant food grade internal liner which is commonly used in the food industries as well as the ice cream, scientific, and governmental research agencies. Law enforcement also embraces the superior ice/cold retention that you get for the Icey-Tek coolers (up to 8 to 12 days) is obtained by utilizing premium polyurethane insulation injected under pressure within all of the wall cavities and in the lid of the Icey-Tek cooler. All Icey-Tek coolers have ultra heavy duty self stopping lid hinges. Keep ice the longer with Icey-Tek coolers.
They have a huge selection of sizes and colors to choose from and are less expensive than many of the other brands such as the Yeti, Grizzly and Engel coolers. We notice the larger the cooler, the longer the ice retention. Great ice cooler for the money! You can purchase them direct at

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